A brief history of me

I think it will be easier to understand and relate to some of the things I will be talking about on the blog if you, my reader,  know a bit about me. So here we go, a really really brief history of my life.

My life is comprised of all the events and experiences that you would assume would warrant a horrible title like Borderline Personality Disorder. But there is nothing wrong with my personality, I have just had my fair share of bad experiences and trauma in my life (the whole 33 years of it).

I never met my real father, had a stepfather who was an alcoholic and, overall, experienced a lot of emotional and physical abuse in my childhood. Also, during my childhood, there was a war in Croatia where I am from (which certainly did not help my anxiety).

I studied for a degree in English and History of Art, worked as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language for about 10 years and managed a foreign languages school in Croatia. At the age of 25 I couldn’t take it anymore so I took an overdose. The good thing is that I am still here, and that as a result I got help. So I’ve been in mental health services on and off since then which have been on the whole helpful (with some bad experiences in between).

At the age of 29 I decide to move to York to do a PhD, which was a bad choice for my mental health but I did find love and married a handsome Englishman. As if my life hadn’t already been enough, two years into our relationship he was diagnosed with a non-Hodgins lymphoma (a type of blood cancer) and has been through chemo since.

So this is me, trying to make sense of my life and all the good and bad in it, and share my experiences/thinking with others in the hope that they might be of help to someone.



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